iPhone Stores Popping Up

With two months still in front of us until the Apple iPhone hits stores, more and more iPhone accessory and add-on stores are starting to pop up on the web.

Today, we at iPhoneFAQ launched our merchant partnered iPhone Store. Though the iPhone itself isn't here yet, plenty of goodies are. Many popular accessories such as car kits, spare chargers, screen protectors, bluetooth adapters, and stereo headsets are already available for the iPhone.

Other websites have also recently launched their iPhone stores. EverythingiPhone is selling their own lines of iPhone accessories an add-ons via their EverythingTreo store.

More and more of these stores are bound to pop up. The important thing is that their arrivals all send the same message: we're getting closer and closer to the iPhone.

Look for the number and availability of products in all iPhone stores to increase as the days to the Apple iPhone launch dwindle away.



Nice. Can't wait to have an iPhone to pair with this stuff.