When will the iPhone be released/available?

First it was Christmas, then it was January 9th, then it was January 15th. All of these, as you already know, proved to be wrong. For now, the official word from both Apple and Cingular is that the iPhone will go on sale in June of this year (2007). Neither company has offered an exact release date and our feeling is we won't be hearing of one any time soon.

(Updated June 3, 2007): Apple has announced an official iPhone release date - Read more

Will the iPhone support Cingular's 3G network?

Up until this point there's been little reason to believe that the iPhone would support Cingular's network. Why Apple and Cingular would release a next generation device that was a generation behind in wireless connectivity has left some people scratching their heads. Recently, rumors have started circulating that the iPhone may surprise us again. The New York Times recently reported:

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