How to contact 911 from the Uber app

Uber 911

The Uber Safety Toolkit includes the ability to quickly contact 911 if you're having an emergency while using the ride sharing service. When using the 911 button in Uber, the app will give you a location, vehicle information and license plate number so you can share it with the 911 dispatcher. This will allow emergency services to locate you faster.


How to set reading goals with Books on iPhone

How to set daily and yearly reading goals in Books on iPhone and iPad.

If you are an avid reader and don't mind reading digital books, then you should be using Apple's Books app on your iPhone and iPad. This app has flown under the radar for a long time, as it rarely gets much fanfare and its updates are relatively quiet. iOS 13 adds a nice feature - it lets you set reading goals that help you keep track of how many minutes a day you are reading and how many books you've read so far in the year.


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