How to easily share your WiFi password between two iOS devices

There is nothing more annoying than being at a friend or family member's house and trying to enter their WiFi password only to mess up and have to try it all over again. That's even if they actually remember their password. Thankfully, joining someone's WiFi is a whole lot easier on your iPhone with iOS 11, and nobody has to mesmerize 20 random characters.


How to turn your iPhone into a bedside clock with Nightstand

How to turn your iPhone into a bedside table clock in landscape orientation with Nightstand for iOS.

While smartphones have undoubtedly displaced many watches and clocks, having a bedside clock that you can see by simply opening your eyes rather than blindly grasping for your iPhone, is probably still something in demand. There is no reason an iPhone can't accomplish this, but for reasons unknown and despite all of its other great features, the Clock app does not give you a full screen clock. The biggest clock display the app has to offer is in the World Clock, and that just doesn't cut it if you are looking for a bedside table type of clock display.

How to use Messages in iCloud on iPhone

iMessage iOS 11.4

Now that iOS 11.4 has been released, iPhone owners can enjoy a new feature called Messages in iCloud. This automatically saves iMessages and text messages, including media such as photos, to iCloud. As a result, older messages can be removed from local storage to save space, and everything in the Messages app can be synced across Apple devices.

How to navigate the Reddit app


The Reddit app for iOS has made navigating the news aggregation website easier for both new and old users. While it still has an occasional glitch, the app offers an easy to use UI with tabs for News, the famous Reddit Front Page and current popular content. Reddit users can also easily search for content, post content, and chat using the tool bar at the bottom of their display. While some features are easy to locate some, such as switching accounts, or surfing anonymously are not so obvious. Below are a few tips on how to better navigate the Reddit app for iOS.

How to create an App Store wish list using the Notes app

App Store Wish List

Did you know you could use the Notes app to make a wish list of apps and games you want to download later? We have all delayed purchasing an app, or even downloading a free app, but then forgotten the name of the app (or game) when we were ready to install it. Now you can create an easy to use list of all the apps and games on the App Store that you want to save for a rainy day. Here's how:


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