Get Cyber Monday deals on Apple all week

Cyber Monday 2018

Amazon launched its official Cyber Monday Deals Week, which means than Apple fans can get discounts on their favorite devices all week long. Whether you're shopping for a gift or looking to buy an Apple product for yourself, the week following Black Friday offers significant savings starting right now. Amazon adds more Apple products to its catalog every day, now that the two companies have buried the hatchet.

5 useful Shortcuts to use with Photos on iPhone

5 useful Shortcuts to use with Photos on iPhone

iOS 12's Shortcuts app has hundreds of useful shortcuts meant to make a variety of different tasks easier to accomplish on your iPhone. A reboot of the old Workflow app, Shortcuts has a gallery of pre-programmed 'recipes' that are basically small programs that use one or more apps to achieve a desired result. For example the Remind me at Home shortcut will remind you of a task as soon as you get home by using location services, Maps and Reminders. You could set this up yourself as a location based reminder, but the shortcut makes it considerably quicker and easier to do.

How to get the latest Apple products on Amazon

Apple iOS devices on Amazon

The thaw in relations between Apple and Amazon continues, giving consumers more options when it comes to buying the latest Apple devices and hardware. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Amazon now offers many of Apple's latest products. For anything not available on Amazon, Apple has already launched its official holiday gift guide.

How to add keywords, titles and descriptions to your photos on iPhone

How to add keywords, titles and descriptions to your photos on iPhone.

Every photo you take with your iPhone has associated data that you can view such as the time and date, location, camera information and more. You can also add titles, descriptions and keywords to your photos which makes them a lot easier to find with the search function. While Apple is always improving its photo search function, there always seem to be photos that are missed when you search for a keyword.


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