Best New Year's resolution apps for iPhone

NYE Fireworks

Once again New Year's Day is upon us, and after the celebrations will come a long list of New Year's resolutions. One of the best tools to help achieve your goals in the new year is already in your pocket. There are many iPhone apps that can be tailored to specific fitness, financial, and intellectual goals. Here are some of our favorites across a range of popular New Year's resolution themes.

How to download Spotify music to Apple Watch

Spotify Apple Watch

Spotify Premium subscribers can travel with their favorite music offline and away from their iPhones. The Apple Watch can download up to 100 songs per playlist for offline listening directly from the Apple Watch. AirPods or Bluetooth headphones can be connected directly to Apple Watch, taking the paired iPhone out of the loop completely.

Horizontal lines on iPhone 14 not hardware related

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Good news for iPhone 14 owners experiencing a strange display issue. The glitch, which appears as horizontal lines on the screen has been reported by iPhone 14 owners when waking their devices. The issue can also happen when booting up an iPhone 14. Strangely, the horizontal lines shape, size, and number is not consistent from iPhone to iPhone.

While the lines flash up on the display, they disappear quickly. Most cases of the issue look to be happening on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.


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