How to create a group list in the Reminders app

Reminders iOS 13

The Reminders app was given a complete overhaul with the release of iOS 13. The all-new design includes new features such as a "quick toolbar," enhanced Siri intelligence and Siri suggestions, the ability to add photos, documents, scans, and web links, and the ability to create tasks and grouped lists.

Tasks and grouped lists makes the Reminders app more useful by allowing you to add smaller tasks to larger groups. Say you wanted to do a little shopping, and you created 3 separate lists for the grocery store, Target and Home Depot. You could drag your 3 lists into one group titled Shopping and have them all in one place. Here's how to create a grouped list in iOS 13 and later:

How to auto-delete Google app data on iPhone

Google app iOS search activity

The Google app on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch now wipes its own history clean. Users of Google's iOS app can set up automatic expiration of search activity and location history. When configured in settings, this private data will be deleted after a set period of time. Once the option is set, no further action is required to delete history information from Google.

How to make playlists on Podcasts for iPhone

How to create playlists in Podcasts for iPhone and iPad.

If you are an avid podcast fan then you should know how to queue episodes from a variety of shows, just as you would make a playlist of your favorite music. You may not want your show to end and automatically start playing the next episode, especially if it is a hit-or-miss type show. Even worse, you don't want your show to end and then start playing another episode that you've already heard. Curating playlists is essential for long car trips and flights - who wants to have to spend time searching for another interesting podcast to listen to, especially when they are driving?


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