How to apply for Apple Card

Apply for Apple Card

Apple has launched the official Apple Card page on The new landing page includes instructions on how to be notified when Apple Card will be available, a list of requirements and a brief video showing iPhone users how to apply for the card on their device.

Update (08/06/19): Apple Card has started rolling out today to a limited amount of iOS users that signed up to receive notifications. You can hit the link above to sign up to be notified when the card will be available to you.


How to search your Messages on iPhone

How to search messages on iPhone and iPad.

If you've ever tried to find a text that somebody sent you, or a link or photo, you likely found the Messages app's search function to be less than stellar. iOS 13 brings not only enhanced capabilities, but a much improved interface as well, making searching your text messages a much easier task than before. Here's how to search your Messages on your iPhone or iPad:

How to attach images and scanned documents to your Reminders on iPhone

How to attach images and scanned documents to your Reminders on iPhone and iPad.

Reminders received a long overdue facelift in iOS 13 that not only improved its aesthetics and interface, but added several useful features as well. You can now group lists into categories and assign subtasks to reminders, as well as attach images and scanned documents to reminders.

How to add attachments to Calendar events on iPhone

How to attach documents to your Calendar events on iPhone and iPad.

Attaching documents to your calendar events is a great way to stay organized because it lets you keep relevant information at your fingertips. For example, if you have a vacation planned you can attach your itinerary, maps, hotel reservations and more, rather than digging through your email, files, messages, etc. If you have a conference call scheduled, you can attach your notes and any other reference materials you might need. It is such a useful feature that Apple added it to Reminders as well in iOS 13.


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