How to track symptoms in the Health app

How to track illness symptoms in the Health app on iPhone and iPad.

iOS 13.6 has added a new category to the Health app - Symptoms. In the same way you can keep track of other statistics like your temperature, blood pressure and body mass index among others, this allows you to track a variety of symptoms based on severity and time, which can be invaluable in diagnosing what ails you when you meet with your doctor.

If you are feeling sick or otherwise unwell and want to track your symptoms ahead of a doctor appointment, here's how you can do it in the Health app on iPhone or iPad:

How to customize your automatic iOS updates on iPhone

How to customize your automatic iOS updates on iPhone and iPad.

When a new iOS version arrives you get a badge notification on your Settings app that lets you know about it, plus a prompt asking you for permission to download and install it either now or overnight or to remind you later. Most people don't want to install it during waking hours because it can take a decent chunk of time. While downloading it can take a few minutes, you can at least continue using your iPhone while it is happening.


How to delete location history from Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Apple Maps keeps a history of directions and locations visited while using the app. The history makes it easy to revisit a location or remember the address of a location in the future. Of course, not everyone wants a running history of their whereabouts hanging out on their iPhone. Removing all or part of the location history from Apple Maps can be accomplished directly in the app.

Recently viewed locations are organized into sections, such as This Week and This Month. Each section can be deleted in its entirety, or individual places can be removed.


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