How to set color balance on Apple TV with iPhone

Apple TV color balance

Apple TV owners can optimize the color balance on their set without digging through TV settings. Much like Apple's True Tone displays, the Apple TV adapts its picture to the ambient lighting in the room. The process takes place on an iPhone, with settings automatically calibrated on the video output of the Apple TV.

Apple Arcade Review: Legends of Kingdom Rush

Legends of Kingdom Rush

Ironhide Game Studios has moved their popular Kingdom Rush series to Apple's subscription gaming service. Is it worth paying $4.99 to play the newest title in the series? Probably not, but you can get a month free which is plenty enough time to test out Legends of Kingdom Rush. This is not a tower defence game, instead it's a "epic turn-based combat" RPG with roguelike elements.

How to hide likes and views on Instagram


Instagram now offers users the option to remove likes and views from their posts. Photographers can also prevent this information from showing up in their feed on others' images. Originally Instagram was testing the feature and planned to remove likes and views universally across the app. After receiving user feedback, the company has made the change optional.

For Instagram fans who prefer to enjoy photographs without any competition, follow the steps below to hid likes and view counts on Instagram:


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