How to clean up your Photos clutter with Gemini

How to easily clean up duplicate, blurry and other clutter photos from iPhone camera roll with Gemini.

Having an iPhone with a nice camera and plenty of storage coupled with an album that lives in the cloud rather than on the device can lead to having an enormous amount of photos. This is especially true if you are the type that takes many shots of the same subject while planning on deleting all but the best one later, which invariably results in hundreds, if not thousands of duplicate photos taking up space on your camera roll.

How to get Elevated Heart Rate warnings from Apple Watch

Apple Watch heart rate

Thanks to the Apple Watch Heart Rate app, watch owners can keep track of their resting and active heart rates throughout the day. In some instances, users have become aware of heart problems and sought medical attention, all because of the heart rate sensors on their wrist. Apple has included a built-in function to warn those wearing an Apple Watch of an unusually high heart rate, however this function is switched off by default.

How to see the last time an iPhone app was used

iPhone apps

Apps tend to pile up on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Some apps are even downloaded and never used at all. Clearing out those apps that are not frequently used can simplify your iOS device and free up extra storage space. Apple makes it easy to see the last time an app was launched, which can help get rid of clutter.

How to create a second Telegram account on iPhone

How to open a second Telegram account with Loopy on iPhone and iPad.

For those not familiar with it, Telegram is a popular messaging app with privacy features such as end-to-end encryption on "secret chats" that can only be accessed on the devices they originated on. Because of this it has gained notoriety as a tool used by terrorists and has even been banned in Russia and Iran where it has been deemed a tool of social dissidents. Nevertheless, Telegram is a well-done app for simple, fast and secure messaging.

iOS App of the Week: Dungeon Crawlers

Dungeon Maker: Dark Lord

This week we are looking at three new dungeon crawlers released to the Apple App Store. Dungeon crawlers are typically fantasy RPG titles where the goal is to complete labyrinth-like environments while collecting loot and battling different types of enemies. Roguelike dungeon crawlers are a popular subgenre on the App Store. In roguelike adventures the dungeons, loot and enemies are randomly generated. This gives roguelike titles more replay value since players can experience a new adventure every time they play. Here are three popular dungeon crawlers availble now for the iPhone and iPad.


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