StumbleUpon iPhone App Features Best of Mobile Web

According to Oprah Magazine, StumbleUpon is not only the most addictive website ever, it's also the "greatest thing ever invented." Well now you can have all this on your iPhone with the StumbleUpon app. The app will look familiar if you're one of StumbleUpon's almost 11 million members.

apple iphone app stumbleupon

With an embedded browser, the StumbleUpon toolbar has thumbs up and thumbs down buttons along with a home button and random stumble option. In order to use the app you must have a registered account with StumbleUpon. What sets the iPhone app apart from the desktop version is a focus on mobile-web specific features and content.

An area titled "Best for mobile stumbling" has links to Photos, News, Flickr, and YouTube that are focused on mobile devices for quick loading and small-screen tailored content. This is a great way to stumble and quickly find websites interesting to you when you only have your iPhone available.

Another iPhone-friendly feature helps if you're in an area with poor reception or only EDGE data coverage. "Thumbnail mode" can be switched on and shows a preview of the page before the StumbleUpon app loads the site. This screen gives statistics such as how many views the page has received and member reviews to help you decide whether or not to visit the page.

Of course, pages you find can be shared with the StumbleUpon app to Facebook, Twitter, email, or fellow StumbleUpon users. Founder and CEO of StumbleUpon, Garrett Camp has this to say:

Following the success of our iPad app, we’re excited to extend the stumbling experience to iPhone and Android device users, letting people explore the best of the web at any time no matter where they are.

The StumbleUpon! iPhone app is available now in the Apple App Store for free.


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