Can I recover a forgotten iPhone restrictions passcode?

Can I recover a forgotten iPhone restrictions passcode?

The purpose of iPhone restrictions is to lock certain functions of the device. They are also referred to as Parental Controls, capable of hiding songs with explicit lyrics, preventing YouTube from running, etc.

Without the four-digit passcode restrictions can't be changed. If you have forgotten your restrictions passcode you must restore your iPhone using iTunes to reset the passcode. When asked, do not restore the iPhone from backup, otherwise the old passcode you don't know will be enabled.

After restoring as a new iPhone the Parental Controls are reset to default and the passcode disabled.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Worked like a charm with iOS 8.

Thank you! This was the most straight forward and easiest explanation which allowed us to avoid the full restore process.

When upgrading to ios7, I ran into this same issue... it made me mad enough to create a web site to help others decode the restrictions passcode when this happens:

The website worked perfect!! I had spent a lot of time searching the result of which was some complicated methods or getting some applications that i had to buy just for one time use. But this is great. I could find the files in a second and then I just had to copy and paste the codes and be patient to let the java do its calculation. I got my password and it unlocked my restriction. Thanks a lot. This was the best solution that i recommend to everyone.

Excellent dude!

I'm very pleased with your solution it worked perfectly and passcode was found!
Just would like to drop a note on the "ibackupbot" applicative, it eventually asks you to buy the full version but if you close that window on the cross (on the top right or cancel it) it proceeds to the page we need to see, so no need to buy anything its all there!
Excellent! 5 stars to you and your help buddies.


How u get password

I don't no my restriction code plz tell me

This was a perfect solution to the problem. After trying to find a way to remedy the issue for hours, this was a great find. Thank you for putting this together for all to use for free.

Hi I cant find my restrictions passcode and it won't let me get on Itunes or ifile it just won't work please help me

Thank you very much!
It took me a month for this.
Perfect solution!
This worked perfectly for me, copied the ridiculously long filename into spotlight to find it then opened it in TextEdit to copy the two codes. It worked like a dream! really happy now, thanks to ios7hash.

prefect! it worked!
thank you very much!

thank you so mutch you are an angel. May I share this site to my friends?
many thanks.

Perfect solution. You are a genius. There was no way in HELL I was going to erase my phone and start all over again! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

WOAH!!! Thanks a lot man. This site really works. Couldn't find the required file the first time but then turned my phone pass code off and backed up again, worked like a charm. Just remember to turn your iphone pass code off before backing up. Thanks again, this saved me. Iphone 5 running 7.1.2

Awesomeness!! Thanks a ton, you saved my life!

Thank you!!!

Hi to the owner of the ios7hash website you rock. This was amazing. I forgot my restrictions password and had been going through all the passwords I could think of trying to unlock it. My last resort was to hard reset my ipad and run the risk of loosing some if not all my work in the apps I was working on. I came across this blog and tried you website and within 30mins I was back into my ipads and found the code i had been looking for. It only took me this long because I am running windows 8 and needed to find the backup folder. Just for others you need to turn on show hidden folders and it is in the roaming folder of the appdata folder. Thanks again ios7hash.

Can you tell me please where exactly is the file which contains the restrictions passcode? You said in the roamings folder in AppData. But there are many files! Which file is it?

Thanks for your help!

The iOS is version 8

Thank you soooo much!!!

Thanks so much! It worked for us and helped find the code on ios8 phone. Really appreciate your hard work!!

Super thanks!!!!

Forgot the Parental Passcode that I set over a year ago. I wasted so much time trying other methods before coming across your site. THANK YOU!!! It worked great.

This could be the greatest forum help I've ever encountered. I felt like I was breaking into the WOPR computer at NORAD as the screen was flashing guesses. When it finally stopped, it had my code. Brilliant! Thanks!

i tried this before but it didnt worked 15 wrong password attempts in iphone now became 7 wrong password attempts...wht should i do???
try this one :)


My problem is that when I go to iCloud, I am not able to turn off Find my iPhone or do anything else on that screen (as everything on that page is light text, meaning i cant modify anything)

At this point, i'm despirate and will do anything to just restore my iphone....i just want to be able to restore my photos and contacts....

Plz help

Hi, I am where you are with the IOS 8, what did you do? Can you please advise me step-by-step?

Worked perfectly , thank you

Ok, I figured it out. Originally, I tried the procedure detailed at

It does not work on iOS7.1.2. However, using the iBackupBot app, you can open up System Files\Library\Preferences\ and find out your restrictions password key. Use the tool at in order to decrypt the key.

Thanks to for the iOS7 info.