Can I recover a forgotten iPhone restrictions passcode?

Can I recover a forgotten iPhone restrictions passcode?

The purpose of iPhone restrictions is to lock certain functions of the device. They are also referred to as Parental Controls, capable of hiding songs with explicit lyrics, preventing YouTube from running, etc.

Without the four-digit passcode restrictions can't be changed. If you have forgotten your restrictions passcode you must restore your iPhone using iTunes to reset the passcode. When asked, do not restore the iPhone from backup, otherwise the old passcode you don't know will be enabled.

After restoring as a new iPhone the Parental Controls are reset to default and the passcode disabled.

This worked for me too! Thanks!

i used ioshash.derson a lot of times but it wont work, it says on the instructions to back it up but I did and it still wont work. please help
version. ios 8.0.2

Wow! I just found a way to recover the password for my iphone's restriction pin number that I could not figure out for the life of me! Thank god for this software I downloaded to my PC, I was able to figure it out so that I can change apps on my iphone! It recovers your restriction pin number if you have forgotten it, apps, phone numbers, photos and data/ program that literally took 5 seconds to fix!
Here's the website for those who want to recover anything messed up on their iphones! It cost me $29 but worth every penny, its been more than 4 years since I've been trying to figure the darn pin number and Apple could not help, not even the Genius knew what to do! Yay I won't need to wipe out my phone and start everything from scratch! Here's the link:

This was amazing. Just when I thought I would loose everything because I thought I would have to hard reset my ipad. thanks heaps. to ios7hash.

I found a great software to easily unlock your Iphone. Just install software, connect phone to computer. Run the wizard, and boom! You have a newly unlocked Iphone for your to enjoy.

What if I don't have a home computer or remember anything about my iTunes account?
is definitely the best tool I have used. It appears that IOS 7 made some undesirable changes to my phone and I didn't remember the passcode to change it. I am definitely impressed and glad I came across this article. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Worked today on iOS7:

Great job.

It took me quite a while to really figure out the instructions. It all looks so complicated, but as I write this, my comp is cruising through all the combinations of pass codes and (fingers crossed) I'm anxiously awaiting the final result :) I so appreciate those that post information that is needed! I've been Googling how to find forgotten passcodes for over a year! My next project is how to make use of an old iPhone 4s that the lock button is not working and my daughter forgot the passcode to get into the phone. I bought an iPhone "fix-it" kit for $5 through Best Buy and will follow the YouTube directions on how to fix the lock button as that would be the easiest fix. Then I will be able to reset the iPhone to factory settings and let my younger daughter use it. If I can't fix the lock button, I found other info on how to bypass the lock passcode to get into the phone without the lock button. We'll see. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I feel like the queen of iPhones right now and my grown daughter is laughing at me.

How can i end the restrictions when it was all locked my whole screen isn't moving at all what can i do anyone please help me

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Hi how do I reset i phone 4 restriction passcode? Thanks

This link shows you how to recover your restriction passcode I made this video check it out it's worth it

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Used to decrypt the passcode my teenage daughter set on her phone and subsequently forgot. Crisis averted. Thank you so so so much!

So I've been trying to get into my restrictions so I can disable safari. I'm on my 14 invalid code. Where in iTunes do you reset the password?

This completely rocks! Was able to retrieve my restrictive password WITHOUT RESTORING. This is sheer genius!!!

Superb! Thank you!!! The only bulleye's solution which actually works after hours and hours other misleading and deceiving solutions... Thank you.

Old thread, but i found a solution. Locked the kids phone and forgot the passcode for the restrictions. It is an Iphone 4s running IOS 8.0 and it is not jailbroken. SOLUTION!!. I dowloaded iBackupBot for free from . Open itunes and back up the phone. after both are done go into ibckupbot and view the system files. System files folder has a bunch of sub folders click on Home Domain. From there click Library and select prefrences. once in prefrences search for It opens a window telling you that its a trial and to activate close the window and it will open the file. It will have something like this.





take this information to and enter the information it will do a search for every possible passcode until it finds the correct one.

If I don't restore from backup, won't I lose all my purchased apps,movies and music though?

I wrote a simple to use free program to extract a forgotten restrictions passcode from an iTunes backup.

You can find it here:

This is worked for me , Thank you

I am trying to connect my iPhone 4 to iTunes and it won't let me. It says I have to go to my summary tab and restore to factory settings. When I try restoring my phone it tells me i need to enter my restrictions code. I don't know it my parents don't either.. What do I do??

hi i need your help on restriction code for my iphone4

Hi, i got iPhone 4S with the latest ios, its passcode is six digits, last night wanted to change the passcode and and as usual asked me first for the old passcode which was six didits then asked me to enter the new PC twice for confirmation but this time the default was four digits instead of six, although i could change it six digits if i want but accepted the four digits.
Any how, today i slided my iphine to enter the passcode but,,, It asked me to enter six digits ****** !!!!!!. I tried the old one and it didn't work, tried the new four digits on six blanks, also didn't work, tried all options but, nothing happened.
Can any help me with what to do to fix this prob. With out lossing my data or restoring it?

Works BRILLIANTLY for figuring out Restrictions Passcode. People seem to be confusing Unlock Code and Restrictions Passcode. These instructions are for helping folks like me that set a Restriction Passcode that I thought was simple but had to be different from the Unlock Code. Long story short, this works for Restrictions Passcode without the need to Restore your iOS device. Thank You!!!

Forgot restrictions passcode. How can I get past it?

this video will show you how to easily recover/change restrictions passcode on iphone.

I didn't believe it, but I had nothing to loose and it actually worked on an iPhone 5s OS 9.3.5

Please ignore my comment above, it was this YouTube Video that fixed it for me: