How do I set up parental controls / restrictions on the iPhone?

How do I set up parental controls / restrictions on the iPhone?

Restrictions, otherwise known as parental controls, can be set on an iPhone. Content above a certain rating can be blocked and apps such as the Camera can be switched off. The user of the iPhone can be prevented from changing restrictions if they don't know the Restrictions Passcode, a four-digit number entered when first enabling restrictions.

To enable restrictions follow these instructions:

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Restrictions.

2. Touch Enable Restrictions and you will be prompted for a four-digit passcode.

3. Enter the desired passcode twice. A list of available restrictions appears.

4. Under Allow, switch OFF apps to hide their icons and prevent the iPhone user from searching for or running the app.

5. Under Allowed Content, choose the desired options. In-App Purchases can be switched OFF, and ratings levels for content can be set to restrict playback.

6. Finally, Game Center can be set to restrict Multi Player Games.

7. When finished setting restrictions tap the Home button to exit.

8. Any changes to restrictions will require the Restrictions Passcode. Restrictions can also be switched off by touching Disable Restrictions under Settings -> General -> Restrictions.


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