What is the iOS 5 release date?

What is the iOS 5 release date?

UPDATE: Apple will release iOS 5 on Wednesday October 12, 2011.

Apple has released major updates to the iOS mobile operating system to coincide with every new iPhone hardware launch. Here are release dates for each iOS version:

iOS 1.0: Friday June 29, 2007
iOS 2.0: Friday July 11, 2008
iOS 3.0: Wednesday June 17, 2009
iOS 4.0: Monday June 21, 2010

Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) will take place June 6-10, 2011 and according to the invitations will focus on "the future of iOS and Mac OS X." Apple is widely expected to announce upcoming features of iOS 5 but may not reveal the iPhone 5 hardware.

The release of iOS 5 to the public will depend on what Apple chooses for an iPhone 5 release date. Current information hints that Apple may postpone the iPhone 5 release until fall 2011. As more news comes in we will keep you posted.