iPhone Already Unlocked for iPod, WiFi use

iphone812.jpgRemember the iPhone we all heard about for months? You know, the one that was "impossible" to unlock? Well, so much for that. A mere 5 days into the post-launch iPhone era, we've got an unlocked iPhone.

The acheivement doesn't mark a complete victory for hackers that have descended onto the task of unlocking the iPhone, but it does get them about half way there. Now that the iPhone can be unlocked without legitimate activation via iTunes (thus negating the "iBrick" status of an unactivated iPhone), remaining for hackers on the task is unlocking the phone for use as ... well, a phone.

This latest milestone was achieved by 24 year old Norwegian Jon Lech Johansen. Using a variety of tools and technology that would elude even those of us who consider ourselves technologically inclined, Johansen has managed to turn previously unuseable iPhones into wonderfully fancy iPods.

Considering the rapid partial unlocking of the iPhone, one can only assume complete success isn't far away.

You can read more about the unlocking of the iPhone by Johansen at his blog, So Sue Me.