New Zombie App 'Infected' Brings a Fun Twist to the Tower Defense Genre

After a long wait for the disappointing Last Stand 3, I've been desperately trying to find a fun and addictive new free zombie game. I originally dismissed Zombie Lane as a lame Facebook app that forces you to spend money to play, but it has grown on me over the last week (especially after the Christmas update which added new missions and stuff to buy). The only problem is Zombie Lane is not the best time passer. It's a great game to have on your phone for random bits of procrastination, but having to wait five minutes to perform one task can get kind of tedious.


Infected is more of the fast paced kind of game I've been looking for. It's a fun twist on the tower defense genre where you use police officers as torrents to defend citizens from zombies. The app can even access your Facebook friends turning them into the helpless victims. Like any tower defense game you can upgrade your torrents, buy better armed police agents, and use random weapons to bomb zombie hordes. The game has a good mix of free upgrades and features an online multi-player mode.

The game is pretty straight-forward and easy to play. You have a few minutes before each mission to drag citizens into alleys or behind vehicles to make it easier to guard them with your army. The cars, like taxi cabs or buses, can be purchased like torrents and blown up in an act of desperation. The game can get pretty overwhelming with multiple people to protect in large cities, so using your initial setup time wisely is the key to survival.

The undead can easily bash your barricades and devour your police officers, making Infected unlike many tower defense games where you just upgrade your torrents to deal with stronger opponents. Many times I found myself scrambling from victim to victim trying to replace fallen officers and replace my blockades even after careful planning.

Infected isn't the best tower defense game I've ever played, but it's the closest thing I can find to Shattered Colony on the iPhone right now. The app is free with the opportunity to spend real money on various upgrades and other features.