Swipe Through Your Emails With New Jailbreak Tweak

A new jailbreak tweak called Swipe For Mail makes reading multiple emails as easy as swiping your finger. Once installed the tweak allows you to navigate through your emails by swiping left or right instead of hitting the up or down arrows. The original method of sifting through your inbox isn't that difficult, but a lot of iPhone owners prefer swiping gestures to tapping buttons.

Cydia Tweaks

This simple but effective tweak is available in the Cydia Store under the ModMyi repository. Download it for free and see if you prefer this method to the original. The up and down arrows don't disappear, and you can easily uninstall it later if you do not like it. Swipe For Mail will not add any icons to your home screen or settings, and it's ready to go once downloaded and installed.