iPhone 5 Concept Pushes the Limits of Reality

With all the recent talk of a 4.6-inch iPhone screen in the works, Italian design studio ADR has released a new iPhone 5 concept. The latest renderings from ADR are impressive, although they truly push the limits of what's possible.

iPhone 5 rendering concept ADR

Maybe this is why we like them so much! Not only does the concept show off a massive Retina display, but the front of the device actually consists of three separate screens. The top and bottom displays are narrow and consistently show the same information. This provides more space for the main screen to run apps.

According to ADR Studio, the top screen would show network, time and status information, while the bottom would be used for a multitasking dock and virtual home button. These designs take the iPhone in a whole new direction. The back is aluminum and super-thin, except for a raised area in the center presumably for the battery and radio components. Speakers are stereo and have grilles on the back of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 rendering concept ADR 2

Another interesting concept that departs from the Apple formula to date is an "LED powered edge" that can be customized. The entire edge of the iPhone glows depending how a new iOS native app is set up. The LED edge can light up with your favorite color, or indicate when a specific contact is calling. Alternatively it can glow different colors depending on the battery life remaining.

Although we're not sure exactly how Apple could pack LTE connectivity and everything else into such a slim profile in 2012, you never know what the future might bring. ADR continues to keep us dreaming with their interesting Apple-based product concepts.