BeeJive Multi-protocol IM client available on iPhone

BeeJive, makers of the popular BlackBerry instant messenging client, JiveTalk, have released an iPhone version of their software. Though not as fully featured as it's BlackBerry counterpart (partially because it is a web service, partially because it is only an alpha release), BeeJive for iPhone is one of the most featured IM clients available for the iPhone thus far. It also does an excellent job of matching up with the existing iPhone applications aesthetically.


The iPhone version of JiveTalk already lets you sign on to multiple IM networks at one time through one interface. Currently, it supports AIM®/iChat, MSN®, Yahoo!®, GoogleTalk®, ICQ®, and Jabber.

Upcoming releases of JiveTalk for iPhone are slated to allow you to manage your buddy lists, control your away status, and more.

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