How to Collect $15 for Antennagate

"Antennagate" did more than start the annoying trend where we add "gate" to the end of every Apple bug, it also sparked a class action lawsuit. Even though Apple maintained that the problem only affected a small number of iPhone 4 users who were holding their devices wrong, they eventually agreed to a settlement. On Wednesday, the co-lead counsel of the class action lawsuit announced that iPhone 4 owners could cash in on their claims.


Ira Rothken tweeted: "The iPhone 4 Antenna Class Action Settlement website is up if you want to make a claim or get info please visit"

Apple has agreed to give eligible iPhone 4 users a free bumper case or a $15 cash payout. If you have already received the case you're not eligible for the $15. provides all the information and documents that you will need to file your claim. All claims must be postmarked or filed electronically by August 28, 2012. If you would still like a free bumper case you can visit the Apple support page for more details.