Use SAM Package to Unlock Jailbroken iPhone 4S / iPhone 4

Now jailbroken iPhones can be unlocked for use on other carriers using the SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) package. The process works with the GSM iPhone 4 and 4S running iOS 5 and equipped with any baseband. This means that users looking to unlock their devices for use on a different carrier don't have to wait until they're out of contract.

iPhone unlock SAM

The unlock comes thanks to Chinese iPhone developer Loktar_Sun. The SAM package can be installed by first adding the source to Cydia on a jailbroken iPhone. For instructions on how to add a repository to Cydia click here.

Once SAM is installed, follow these steps to unlock your device:

1. Make sure your normal SIM card is installed in the iPhone
2. Open SAMPrefs and choose Utilities -> De-Activate iPhone (clear push)
3. Touch OK to dismiss the notification dialog
4. Navigate to SAM -> More Information -> SIM Details and write down or copy the IMSI number
5. Take the SIM card you want to use and install it in your iPhone
6. Now go to SAM -> Method -> By Country and Carrier
7. Return to the main menu and choose SAM -> Country -> Your Country
8. Do the same for carrier under SAM -> Carrier -> Your Carrier
9. Navigate to SAM -> More Information -> Spoof Real SIM to SAM and tap OK
10. Enter or paste the IMSI number into SAM Details -> IMSI
11. Now choose SAM -> Utilities -> Attempt Activation
12. When the iPhone comes back from a blank screen open SAMPrefs again
13. Disable SAM by tapping the switch next to Enable on the main menu
14. Plug the iPhone into your computer with iTunes open
15. iTunes will display an error dialog box that activation has failed
16. If you don't get this error try unplugging and plugging in the iPhone again
17. After the error, the new carrier logo should appear in the iPhone status bar

Once you have successfully connected using your new SIM card, switching back to the original carrier can be accomplished by installing the other SIM and repeating steps 14-17. Once the unlock is working it's a good idea to back up your unlock activation ticket.

There are still other options for iPhone users including hardware unlocks such as R-SIM. For those with a jailbroken iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 who aren't interested in spending extra cash or waiting for their current contract to end, the SAM solution makes unlocking easy.


> their devices for use on a different carrier don't have to wait until they're out of contract.

You mean I can drop AT&T after 6 months, instead of 2 years?
Oh wait, I'll still have to pay that huge early-termination fee, either way.

But wait, I'll get to switch from the very poor coverage of AT&T... to a carrier with even LESS coverage... T-Mobile?


Shut up you fucking retard.

Tested and works great, much simpler then it sounds. Also works on 3G/3GS.

What if the carrier I want to use isn't listed in SAM? Can I not use it?

Thx guys
Its worked for me. iPhone 4 with 4.10.01 ISO 4.3.1
Keep up the god work.

what do i do if it does work? and how do i know I'm doing anything wrong?

Does SAM still work, or has it been shut down?
Get SIM card installed in iPhone 4 not supported, when trying step 14 and 16.

Has SAM unlocking been blocked by Apple. Spent the whole day with no avail, just wouldn't work. Can someone help, please

Where can i order this SAM?

I went through the process but when I was meant to copy the IMSI number from SAM details i didnt but still spoofed my phone. Will it still work with a new sim card?

has anyone got this to work for a verizon iphone 4s? 5.0.1

Please can you help me. i recently bought a second hand iphone 4 locked to vodaphone. i had a new unactivated sim card in the phone when i tried using SAM and i de-activated the iphone and now cant get it to work. i tried activating the sim card first on another phone but it still comes up with an error messege saying 'the sim card in this phone does not appear to be supported' and that i have to insert the sim that came with the iphone or visit the carriers store to receive a replacement card.
i do not have the original sim as i did not have this phone from new.
I do not know what to do and it will not let me on the phone at all now.
does anybody please know how to help??!
many thanks.