More Unofficial Lightning Connectors Now Available

If you weren't into the illuminated Lightning cable with dock previously offered by iPhone5mod, they now have more official looking products in the works. The first third-party Lightning cable manufacturer will be launching its version of the Lightning USB cable and adapters at a discount price on November 3.

iPhone lightning discount prices

This will be a relief for iPhone 5 users who aren't interested in paying full price for an Apple cable. The basic connector cable starts at $9.90, undercutting the Apple Store by almost $10. Of course, shipping is not included and could add up quickly. Still, iPhone5mod offers several other products, including an iPhone 5 docking station.

A Lightning to 30-pin adapter cable runs $19.90 on iPhone5mod plus $4 shipping. This is a significant savings of almost 40% over Apple's $39 version. One accessory that has been missed by some iPhone owners is a dock. Apple does not currently offer a simple docking station to hold and charge the iPhone 5. iPhone5mod has stepped in and made a white, iPhone 5 compatible Lightning dock.

The dock can be purchased for $19.90 alone or in combination with cables. In fact, the site is offering a 3-in-1 starter kit that includes the dock, 30-pin to Lightning adapter cable, and one Lightning to USB cable all for $39.90. The company claims to use parts that are the same quality as Apple suppliers, even with the significant price cut.

Apple has been tightening control of the third-party accessory market when it comes to Lightning-compatible devices. It will be interesting to see how Apple reacts to these unofficial connectors hitting the market. If you're looking to buy, put in an order soon. It's not clear whether or not iPhone5mod will be facing legal action at some point in the future.