Illuminated iPhone 5 Lightning Cable / Dock Hits Accessory Market

Until now there haven't been any third-party Lightning accessories on the market. Apparently, it doesn't take long to clone the authentication chip embedded in Apple's new 8-pin connector. iPhone5mod has hit the market with a cable that does more than just connect your iPhone 5 or iPod touch 5G to the computer.

As you can see in the video above, the Flash Lightning Dock will hold the iPhone 5 upright to connect. The cool part is that as the iPhone is charging or syncing the cable animates its lights to show how much the battery is charged or that data is being transferred to the iOS device. Sure, it may be a gimmick, but it's not one that Apple is likely to manufacture.

It's not clear how long these cables will be for sale, as Apple has an interest in licensing their Lightning technology for official third-party accessories. Even though the Flash Lightning cable may not come with the made for iPhone emblem, according to iPhone5mod the first production run is already sold out. Interested buyers will have to wait at least 4 weeks for the product to ship.

The dock has an 8-pin male connector and is sized to fit soft shell cases and iPhone 5 bumpers. When your iPhone is fully charged, the cable illumination automatically turns off. The Lightning cable or Flash dock can be purchased individually for $19.90 or as a combo package priced at $39.90.