Google Voice Gets iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Update

Google Voice users will be happy to know the iOS app has been updated to fully support iOS 6. Even more exciting for iPhone 5 owners is the expansion of the Google Voice interface to utilize the enlarged iPhone 5 display. We're not sure why Google waited over two months to deploy the update, but we're glad they did.

Google Voice iOS 6

Google Voice is free on the App Store, and provides users with access to their account and voicemail messages with transcription. Free text messaging to US phones and low rates on international calls are all part of the service, along with a Google Voice number used to make calls. Currently only US residents can use Google Voice.

So what can Google Voice users expect from the update to 1.4.3? For starters, iOS 4.3 or later is now required to install the app. Aside from the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, most Google Voice fans won't see much of a difference. On the iPhone 5 the app will stretch out to fill the screen from top to bottom.

Google Voice has also been optimized for iOS 6, however there are no major changes in the layout or operation of the app. Google Voice 1.4.3 is now available on iTunes.