id Software's Doom Now on the iPhone

Who would've guessed that we'd be playing Doom on an iPhone platform, which was delivered to the world locked up tight, less than 2 months from release day? Not many.

doom running on apple iphone

To be honest, we're not quite there. Doom isn't playable on the iPhone just yet, but it is running on it. Programmer stepwhite, who brought the first incarnation of an NES emulator to the iPhone, has returned with id Software's uber-classic Doom.

For now, there's no

audio and no controller, but you can watch the demo games. While this may not sound like much, it is. It means that Doom works, which is half the battle, and that programmers just need to code up a control interface and fix the sound.

If you'd like to install and run iPhone Doom on your iPhone, you can find all the necessary downloads and details at the iPhone Doom project page on Google Code.

There's no clear indication on whether stepwhite plans to take iPhone Doom any further, or whether other programmers will have to step in and finish up the task.