Samurai vs Zombies 2 Just Got Bigger and Badder

It is like the developers read our minds, Samurai vs Zombies 2 is just too easy to beat, which left most players stuck with an awesome samurai army and nothing to do. Lets not even discuss the pointless and boring Multiplayer mode that Glu Games Inc. added to the sequel, because it does not extend the game's replay value.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense 2

If you're like me, and have beat every level, daily challenge and have collected every artifact more than three times, I have good news. Glu Games has rolled out an all new “Endless Mode" that generates single player waves beyond level 50. There is also a new warrior Daimyo (you have to pay real money to unlock him), new ally upgrades, and even a new zombie wasteland to battle through. Other upgrades include small tweaks such as the ability to view an enemy's individual stats, new Village Archers artillery, new Bridge Spirits to defend your gate, and additional stability and performance improvements.

If you have never played Samurai vs Zombies 2, it's a free Tower Defense game for the iPhone and iPad. Players must build and send their samurai army to defeat hordes of zombies and demons. The game does not require in-app purchases to enjoy, and it is highly recommended. You can download Version 2.0.0 from the App Store.


The new levels are boring.

I agree. I wrote this before playing them, and they're too easy to beat. The endless level mode is not what I thought it would be.

So are the levels really endless? I am up to level 157 and it looks like it's still going ==....

It looks that way. It just randomly generates levels for you. Are they any harder at 157?

Successfully passed wave 150, my team is so strong and becomes unbeatable. 2 Mil useless point and plenty of cup tea and sushi.

I have been wondering about what is the maximum level it has since the update and so far, I am on level 200 and still going....

I'm on wave 284 and I'm still going on how much levels are there.

I don't think the levels ever end.

Im on wave 304 wtf this shit never ends!

673 - no it never ends.

At level 999, a death God character will appear. Kills every thin g it touches. Only a golden army will stand a chance. Good luck!

No it doesn't 't. I expected to rescue the empress at level 1000 but nothing happens and you go back to level 1. Great, well done GLU. Glad it so easy to "bend the rules"

Really glu? I hoped that something special would happen. Shame. I hope SvZ3 is going to be a thing. Also, lol, everyone is secretly boasting how far they got in the waves lol. Yeah, I see you xD