Game Boy Emulator Hidden in iOS App Store App

Looking to emulate GBA/GBC games on your iOS device? Another hidden emulator has sneaked into the App Store until Apple catches on and pulls the app. The app is called Slider Puzzle, and it masquerades as an innocent sliding puzzle game with four different images.

Slider Puzzle GBA GBC emulator

Players can put their own images into the app via iTunes to see them converted into new puzzles. The real fun happens with a series of inputs that activates the hidden GBA/GBC emulator. The great thing about this secret is no jailbreak is required to play ROMs right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

To access the secret mode, download and install Slider Puzzle to your iOS device, then open the app. Then follow these instructions:

1. Go to settings by touching the circular "i" icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
2. Touch "Count Moves" in the upper left corner of the screen five times.
3. When "Ready Player One" appears in the middle of the screen, touch these words.
4. You are now seeing the GBA/GBC Emulator screen, with a list of installed games.

Of course, Puzzle Slider doesn't come with any games. Game Boy ROMs must be installed from your computer to the iPhone with free file explorer software such as iExplorer. As the emulator explains in the pop-up documentation, the app requires the file "gba_bios.bin" as well as any ROM (game image) files needed to play.

Grab Slider Puzzle from the App Store for $1.99 before it's too late.


i believe this is gone now last i checked...i was gonna get it earlier this afternoon, but had to leave the house. when i came back tonight and checked, it was gone

Downloaded it before they took it off but your instructions on how to access the emulator does not work. I did the whole touch the "count moves" thing 5 times but no luck. Tried it just by pressing the words itself and also my touching the toggle on/off for the count moves icon 5 times as well... nothing works. Maybe I'm missing something but as of now I am upset that I waisted a $1.99. Any suggestions or comments anyone...

funny to me it work and it was free no joke

Just wasn't pressing it with the wrong timing I guess. It works, awesome. Thanks!!!

Try this