More Siri Tricks: Flip Coins and Roll the Dice

Sometimes iPhone owners need help making a decision. Nowadays with so many purchases happening exclusively with plastic, there aren't always stray coins lying around to flip. What luck, arguably the most advanced, portable personal assistant ever created can now flip a coin for you instead. Tell Siri to flip a coin and she'll do just that, letting you know immediately whether it was virtual heads or tails.

Siri iPhone Easter eggs

There are some other tricks you can use to get help with random numbers or even play games when you're missing a pair of dice. You guessed it, just tell Siri to roll the dice and she will tell you which side of the six-sided dice are facing up after the roll. Ultimately when you need two random numbers from 1-6 or one number from 2-12 this can be handy (simply add the two for a bigger number). But what if you need a larger random number?

Siri has you covered there, too. In this case Siri will use its partner, the Wolfram Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine. The commands are slightly different, but if it's a random number you need then Wolfram is there to help.

Tell Siri, "Wolfram random integer" and she'll give you a random number from 0-1000. Saying "Wolfram random number" will result in a six-digit decimal value from 0-1. The fun doesn't stop there when it comes to related commands. Playing cards? Ask Siri "Wolfram, what is the probability of a straight flush" and she will print out a summary indicating 1 in 72,193. Need a password? Say "Wolfram password" and several eight-digit passwords will be generated to help improve your security.

Just remember, if you're ever looking for a coin to flip or a pair of dice you have them whenever your iPhone with Siri is nearby.