How to Use Siri to Dictate Text to Your Computer

The fact that Siri is limited to the iPhone 4S is a huge limitation for some users who would like to use the technology for other applications. Desktop computer software designed for voice dictation of text with similar accuracy to Siri can be expensive. Luckily, there's a method to use all of the power of Siri on your iPhone 4S to dictate words to any text field on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer.

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This can come in incredibly handy for writing reports or composing outgoing emails in a hurry. No jailbreaking or other tricks are required, the process is made possible by a $1.99 iPhone app known as Mobile Mouse. Even the lite version available for free works if you don't mind a few advertisements.

Here's how to use Siri on your iPhone 4S to dictate text on your computer:

1. Make sure the iPhone 4S and your computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
2. Install Mobile Mouse or Mobile Mouse Lite on your iPhone 4S
3. Install and run the free Mobile Mouse Server on your computer
4. Launch the Mobile Mouse iPhone app
5. Click in a text field on your computer, so that a text cursor appears
6. Tap the dictation button on the iPhone keyboard
7. Speak the text you wish to write on your computer screen

The Mobile Mouse app allows the iPhone to control the computer mouse and keyboard in addition to the Siri dictation trick. There are no settings to configure or tweaks to install, the software simply works using the integrated Siri dictation button on the iPhone 4S. Whatever word accuracy you would expect from Siri on the iPhone you will get on your desktop or notebook computer.