NASCAR: Redline Now Available for iOS Devices

Racing game developer Eutechnyx has launched the first officially licensed NASCAR game for iOS devices. The racing title features 43 drivers, teams, sponsors, and tracks from the 2013 season. Eutechnyx describes the game as a "sim-meets-action strategy racer" where players must decide "when to push, when to pit, and how to react to new situations" to win.

NASCAR: Redline

Players must utilize real time data, and upgrade essential vehicle and pit team components to better their NASCAR careers.

“NASCAR drivers and teams know the value of patience - of choosing the right moment before making their move and which strategies to employ in the heat of the action” noted Blake Davidson, NASCAR Vice President of Licensing & Consumer Products. "We've been very deliberate in evaluating opportunities in the mobile gaming space in an effort to ensure that when we do come to the table with a NASCAR-branded game for the iOS platforms that it will be highly engaging and a best-in-class experience."

NASCAR: Redline is available now from the App Store for $4.99. It requires iOS 5 or higher and supports the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.