iDemocracy Windows 1.1.1 Jailbreak + 3rd Party Application Install Tool Released

For a few weeks now, folks on Mac have been enjoying the convenience of using iNdependence - a GUI tool which partially automates the jailbreak and installation of third party applications - to successfully complete the process to jailbreak and install third party applications on the iPhone with firmware version 1.1.1. With the recent release of iDemocracy, a similar level of convenience is now available to Windows users.

iDemocracy initial release now available

Though iDemocracy is in it's initial release, early reports from Windows users are positive. Several iPhoneFAQ readers have reported success using iDemocracy to jailbreak their 1.1.1 phones. iDemocracy is written in Visual C# and

requires the .NET framework to be installed in order to run. iTunes is also required (pretty much goes without saying).

Though jailbreaking and installing iPhones that are, or wish to be, running firmware version 1.1.1 can be accomplished without the use of either iDemocracy or iNdependence, the many technical steps required are off-putting to most iPhone owners. While, at this point, neither application fully automates the jailbreak under 1.1.1 process - they do automate a good portion of the process and thus have made jailbreaking iPhones running the latest firmware more accessible to the community.

The latest version of iDemocracy can be obtained from the iDemocracy project page on Google Code. The iDemocracy source code is also freely available.