Get an iPhone 5s for Zero Down at T-Mobile

More iPhone deals are happening this Black Friday weekend at T-Mobile. Both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c can be had for zero money down through Sunday, December 1st. This means Apple fans can save $149 up front on the iPhone 5s and $49 on the 5c.

T-Mobile Black Friday deals

Monthly installments for the 16GB iPhone 5s come to $27, with the 16GB iPhone 5c costing $22.71 per month. Over 24 months, this brings the total cost of the iPhone 5s to $648 and the 5c to $549.84. Customers missing the $0 down offer can still save on Cyber Monday, when prices revert to $50 down for the iPhone 5s and $10 for the 5c.

In reality, the zero down deal simply spreads the total cost into 24 installments, raising the monthly prices accordingly. Paying nothing up front is a great deal, however the total price paid for the iPhone 5s or 5c at the end of the two-year period remains the same. T-Mobile has been attracting customers with its new device plans, which provide no-contract services. In exchange, subscribers pay full price on their smartphones across 24 months.

Watch out, Cyber Monday pricing will be different at the T-Mobile online store, when compared to prices available at retail locations. Aside from offering unsubsidized devices on its network, T-Mobile has been making waves in the industry with its JUMP program. For $10 per month, JUMP provides full device coverage and offers upgrade eligibility after just six months.