How much does Pandora One cost?

How much does Pandora One cost?

Pandora One is an upgrade to free Pandora streaming radio. Click here to see the difference between Pandora and Pandora One.

Pandora One cost

Subscribing to Pandora One costs $3.99 per month, or $36 per year. This means that listeners paying yearly are getting 12 months for the same price as 9 months of Pandora One at the monthly price.

Buying an annual subscription to Pandora One saves $11.88 over buying 12 months at the per month price, which totals $47.88.

To sign up for a $3.99 monthly subscription in the Pandora app, Navigate to Settings -> Pandora One and touch the Upgrade button. For the annual subscription login to the Pandora website.



If it cost $3.99 per month how come I'm paying $7.99 per month from Apple Store ?

Because you're going through the Apple Store and they like to charge more. That being said, trying to buy it off of the Pandora One site here in September it seems like the price has been raised. It's $4.99 and $54.89 (wtf) a year, only giving you one month free. I signed up one month too late I guess and now I'm upset it wasn't as cheap as I was led to believe lol

I was just about to re-subscribe now that I started using Pandora again, but when I saw the price hike I said forget it. I'll continue using my iPod and actually listen to what I want to hear without all the commercials or service interruptions. It was fine when it was just 1 commercial every 5 or so songs. But now it's 2 every 3 songs. C-ya pandora.

Maybe if they bring back the old price I will reconsider.

i was paying $5.33 and suddenly they said my updated was done,and ask to updated again,by the way was in Google

Happy to hear about the low price range for a yearly music subscription.