Super Stickman Golf 2 Free for a Limited Time

The popular Super Stickman Golf 2 is free for a limited time on the Apple App Store. The game is a golf physics title where you must complete various courses to gain experience and upgrade your golfer to advance through 7 different levels. You can also earn in-game money or complete achievements to unlock various power-ups and different golf balls to help improve your skills.

Super Stickman Golf 2

The game features 32 creative courses, like Sticky Land, where players must make shots while sticking to bubblegum covered walls. It also includes a multiplayer mode, a race mode and the ability to improve your golfer and buy him/her funny hats with special abilities.

Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 has been praised for its easy to use controls and its addictive gameplay. The game can be a bit challenging as your progress to harder courses but it is also a lot of fun. It is highly recommended, especially for free, to anyone who enjoys simple golf games or physics-type puzzle games.

Other highlights include leaderboard support, iCloud support, 250 different holes and 71 achievements.

Super Stickman Golf 2 is available today for free for only 24 hours on the App Store, so grab it now before the deal expires. It supports all iOS devices running iOS 5 or later.