Puzzle Breaker for iOS Adds a Fun RPG Twist to the Match-Three Puzzle Genre

Match-three games like Candy Crush are a dime a dozen, but Puzzle Breaker for iOS features a fun twist that separates it from the rest of the clones available on the App Store. Instead of trying to earn points and beat a timer, players must match weapon tiles to defeat monsters in a turn-based battle to the death. Here's how it works:

Puzzle Breaker for iOS

The game is played like most match-three titles. It features a board filled with differently colored tiles which players must swap horizontally or vertically to make sets of three or more of the same color. Each time a player makes a match it results in an attack on their opponent. Players can also move titles as many times as they want without making a match, however, this uses up precious turns which gives an opponent more time to counter attack. Instead of a beating a timer or a completing a certain objective, players win by reducing their opponent's health to zero. A player loses when they themselves run out of health.

The ability to move tiles anytime really adds a new strategic element to the match-three genre. However, it also increases your chances of making a mistake since you can move a tile in the wrong direction.

The game also features power blocks and the ability to use and level up special skills. The special skills and the turn-based battle system gives Puzzle Breaker an RPG element not normally seen in these types of games.

Puzzle Breaker doesn't feature achievements but it does keep track of stats such as "Monsters Killed" and "Best Combo". The game also includes three levels of difficulties, fun graphics and its own original soundtrack.

Puzzle Breaker is available for free on the Apple App Store. It is compatible with all devices running iOS 6.0 or later.