Puzzle Breaker for iOS

How to Beat Puzzle Breaker Level 47

If you listened to us and downloaded the RPG, match three game Puzzle Breaker then you may have found yourself stuck on some of the higher levels in the second world. To reach the second world you must complete the final three quests in level one. While this is no easy task, you do have the option to spend diamonds and skip the quests to advance, but levels 31 to 70 are no walk in the park either.

Puzzle Breaker for iOS

You will have to play certain levels in world 2 over and over until you figure out a strategy, power up or get extremely lucky. However, level 47 is the first level where getting lucky is not an option. Nobody enjoys getting stuck on a level that seems impossible to beat, so here's how to defeat it.

iOS App of the Week: Puzzle Breaker

Last week we told you about a new puzzle game called Puzzle Breaker for iOS. The free-to-play title was nothing groundbreaking but it seemed worth mentioning on a slow news day. However, after having the game installed on my phone for over a week I have become addicted.

Puzzle Breaker for iOS

I test a lot of games throughout the week and most get deleted in a few days never to be writen about, but Puzzle Breaker wouldn't go away. The game is a simple match-three title with an RPG twist. The RPG element and the game's three levels of difficulty is what give it its replay value. Puzzle Breaker is also a prime example of a freemium title done right. You begin the game with only five lives, and you must wait 20-minutes to regain one those lives every time you lose. Waiting 20-minutes may not sound like fun, but you don't have to wait if you keep on winning.

Puzzle Breaker for iOS Adds a Fun RPG Twist to the Match-Three Puzzle Genre

Match-three games like Candy Crush are a dime a dozen, but Puzzle Breaker for iOS features a fun twist that separates it from the rest of the clones available on the App Store. Instead of trying to earn points and beat a timer, players must match weapon tiles to defeat monsters in a turn-based battle to the death. Here's how it works:

Puzzle Breaker for iOS

The game is played like most match-three titles. It features a board filled with differently colored tiles which players must swap horizontally or vertically to make sets of three or more of the same color. Each time a player makes a match it results in an attack on their opponent. Players can also move titles as many times as they want without making a match, however, this uses up precious turns which gives an opponent more time to counter attack. Instead of a beating a timer or a completing a certain objective, players win by reducing their opponent's health to zero. A player loses when they themselves run out of health.

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