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How to defeat the Frozen Soul in Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Frozen Souls

The Frozen Soul in Kingdom Rush Vengeance is one of the most frustrating enemies in the Kingdom Rush franchise. A little ghost like creature that spawns after the death of Frozen Heart, can only be killed in 8 seconds before it is resurrected. They're also unblockable with guards or heros, and it seems like towers do no or very little damage to them. These little nuisances can be found in all the Frozen Nightmare campaigns (Breaking the Ice, Into the Mountains, The Frozen Throne), including the Heroic and Iron challenges.

5 tips for One Hour One Life for Mobile

One Hour One Life Mobile Tips

The popular desktop title One Hour One Life for Mobile has come to the Apple App Store. Now iPhone and iPad owners can work together to build a better world by crafting thousands of items.

One Hour One Life is unique because your goal is to build something for future generations. You may only live for 1 hour, but your contribution is infinite. You may spend all 60-minutes, on the rare occasion you live that long, of your life building a bow just so someone else can build a fire in the future. There's no final boss, or real end, except your death. Your only hope is that one day you will spawn in a huge city that was built with some tool you crafted thousands of years earlier.

How to assemble the chopper in Last Day On Earth

Last Day of Earth

Update: In a video (see below) posted to Facebook on 7/21/17 the developers revealed that the final chopper parts will be made available in a future update. The update will include the ability to acquire the pass code to the locked areas in the bunkers. These areas will include the final two parts players need to assemble the chopper, new weapons such as a mini-gun and AK-47, gas and different color paint.

Last Day On Earth is a highly recommended zombie survival game currently available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Steam. The game has become something of a cult hit due to its deep gameplay and huge potential. The major problem with Last Day is it "still in the beta-testing phase," according to the developer. This not only means certain mechanics might not work in the game, but the game is actually incomplete. It is as if the developer did not expect the Last Day to catch on so fast, or that players would log in enough hours to advance so quickly in the game.

5 tips to help you win the war in Warbits

Warbits iOS

If you happen to be a fan of warfare strategy gaming apps and you’re not playing Risky Lab LLC’s Warbits, then you are missing out on what just may be the best strategy game ever released for the iPhone.

By following the formula established by developer Intelligent Systems’ classic Advance Wars franchise, Warbits provides an instantly accessible strategy gaming experience with a surprisingly deep combat system that grows as you do. Whether you’re diving into the excellent campaign mode or taking the battle online against other players, there is a hefty amount of content to be found in this incredible little strategy game.

How to Beat Puzzle Breaker Level 47

If you listened to us and downloaded the RPG, match three game Puzzle Breaker then you may have found yourself stuck on some of the higher levels in the second world. To reach the second world you must complete the final three quests in level one. While this is no easy task, you do have the option to spend diamonds and skip the quests to advance, but levels 31 to 70 are no walk in the park either.

Puzzle Breaker for iOS

You will have to play certain levels in world 2 over and over until you figure out a strategy, power up or get extremely lucky. However, level 47 is the first level where getting lucky is not an option. Nobody enjoys getting stuck on a level that seems impossible to beat, so here's how to defeat it.

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