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One Hour One Life

We were a bit confused when One Hour One Life originally hit the App Store, but now that we've had more than a few weeks to play we are hoping more people discover the game. The goal of One Hour One Life is to craft and build a civilization. To do this you need many players to work together. This is typically hard to do because not only do you need people to pay to download the game, but you also need a specific type of player who is interested in crafting. Perhaps One Hour One Life might fare a little better as a freemium title with IAPs, but I digress.

5 tips for One Hour One Life for Mobile

One Hour One Life Mobile Tips

The popular desktop title One Hour One Life for Mobile has come to the Apple App Store. Now iPhone and iPad owners can work together to build a better world by crafting thousands of items.

One Hour One Life is unique because your goal is to build something for future generations. You may only live for 1 hour, but your contribution is infinite. You may spend all 60-minutes, on the rare occasion you live that long, of your life building a bow just so someone else can build a fire in the future. There's no final boss, or real end, except your death. Your only hope is that one day you will spawn in a huge city that was built with some tool you crafted thousands of years earlier.

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