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Last Day on Earth healing chart

Healing yourself is an important part of survival in Last Day on Earth. You will take a lot of damage while scavenging, looting or clearing bunkers. Luckily there are a lot of items you can craft and find that will heal you, but they're not all equal. The best items are Bandages and First Aid Kits while Berries are plentiful but not very potent. You can also cook certain foods over the fire to make them into stronger healers. These include Berries, Carrots and Raw Meat. Raw Meat can also be smoked with the Meat Dryer to create Jerky.

Will Last Day on Earth data be wiped after the beta?

Ask the Dev Team

The development team behind the popular zombie survival game Last Day on Earth has launched a new weekly column titled “Ask the Dev Team." Each Wednesday the team will answer some of the most asked questions posted on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. One of the biggest questions this week was, "are you resetting everyone’s progress after the game is released?"

How do I upgrade my walls and floor on Last Day on Earth?

Zombie hordes frequently come through your base on Last Day on Earth, destroying your walls as they do. Upgrading walls from wood to better wood, to stone and so on helps keep them at bay. You also need better floors to hold certain items. It isn't immediately obvious how to upgrade your walls and floor though. Tap on the saw&hammer icon as if you were going to build a wall/floor/etc., then tap on the wall or floor you want to upgrade to "select" it.

Last Day On Earth bunker update now availble

Last Day On Earth Version 1.5

The popular zombie survival game Last Day On Earth has been updated to version 1.5. Bunker Alfa has been updated with more vehicle parts, which means you will be able to finish assembling the chopper. Heavy fire arms and more dangerous zombies have also been added to the game.

There has been some confusion about how to assemble the chopper which may or may not be needed to advance in the game. Players have been desperately searching for the final two pieces, a fork and gas tank, which are needed to finish crafting the vehicle, but it was discovered that these parts do not actually exist in the game.

How to assemble the chopper in Last Day On Earth

Last Day of Earth

Update: In a video (see below) posted to Facebook on 7/21/17 the developers revealed that the final chopper parts will be made available in a future update. The update will include the ability to acquire the pass code to the locked areas in the bunkers. These areas will include the final two parts players need to assemble the chopper, new weapons such as a mini-gun and AK-47, gas and different color paint.

Last Day On Earth is a highly recommended zombie survival game currently available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Steam. The game has become something of a cult hit due to its deep gameplay and huge potential. The major problem with Last Day is it "still in the beta-testing phase," according to the developer. This not only means certain mechanics might not work in the game, but the game is actually incomplete. It is as if the developer did not expect the Last Day to catch on so fast, or that players would log in enough hours to advance so quickly in the game.


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