Will Last Day on Earth data be wiped after the beta?

Ask the Dev Team

The development team behind the popular zombie survival game Last Day on Earth has launched a new weekly column titled “Ask the Dev Team." Each Wednesday the team will answer some of the most asked questions posted on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. One of the biggest questions this week was, "are you resetting everyone’s progress after the game is released?"

For those who are confused, Last Day on Earth is technically still in the beta phase and it is incomplete. Players who are currently playing the game, or spent money in the game, are worried they will lose their progress when the final version is released.

So far the developers have not given a definitive answer saying they "cannot confirm" if they plan to wipe the game once it is completed. However, they did note that they might save data and will do their best to save as much as possible. Players who spent real world money will probably receive their coins back if the game is wiped and their items are removed.

Another burning question is when will multiplayer be implemented? The ability to raid other player bases was added in the most recent update, but so far you can only access and raid NPC bases on the map. The game also includes other unfinished multiplayer aspects like the ability to hire other players to mine resources, and the ability to chat.

Once again the developers did not give a full answer only noting that the development team has grown since the beta launch, and that they are working on adding multiplayer as soon as possible.

You can visit the Last Day on Earth Facebook page to read the other popular questions of the week.

The Last Day on Earth beta is available for free on the Apple App Store.


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