Holiday Reminder: Apple Gift Card iPhone Purchase Restrictions

Some months ago, Apple and AT&T changed their policy regarding the purchasing of the Apple iPhone to disallow cash and require a credit card. This move by the partnering companies was made in order to reduce or eliminate the number of untraceable iPhones that were purchased in order to be hacked and/or unlocked and sold on the gray/black market. What many did not realize was that this policy change also excluded the use of gift cards for the purchasing of iPhones as well. Well, sort of.

apple gift card

Whether you're planning to give an Apple gift card as a gift intended to be used to purchase an iPhone, or are expecting to receive one for the same purpose, be sure to read on and make yourself aware of Apple's policy regarding the use of Apple gift cards for iPhone purchases both online and at retail locations. You should not be getting turned away when attempting to purchase an iPhone with Apple gift cards.

For some time, many Apple stores were simply refusing to accept Apple gift cards as payment towards the purchase of the iPhone. This action, however, was in error. As stated above, the goal of Apple in refusing cash as a purchase medium for the iPhone was to reduce the number of untraceable phones out there. Allowing a gift card to be used as the sole method of payment for an iPhone results in an untraceable phone. Allowing it to be used for a portion of the purchase does not.

As recently as yesterday, Apple has confirmed that gift cards are a perfectly viable form of payment for the Apple iPhone as long as they are not the only form of payment involved. A credit card is still required. Most stores ask that the buyer put the first $20 of an iPhone purchase on a major credit card and allow Apple gift cards to be used for the remainder. Technically, however, putting any amount of the purchase on a credit card meets Apple's requirements.