Bring WebOS to the iPhone App Switcher

While new WebOS products are now limited to LG smart televisions, there are certainly some Palm fans who have migrated to iOS 7. Both of you can now enjoy a WebOS inspired slingshot effect on the iPhone app switcher. The jailbreak tweak Springshot takes one element of WebOS card multitasking and brings it to compatible Apple devices.

Springshot WebOS

Typically, dismissing an app requires a swipe from bottom to top. The app card will fly off the top of the iPhone display, signaling that the app is closed. Once Springshot is installed, users have the option of pulling down on an app card. Much like WebOS, the app will then rebound and slingshot off the top of the screen.

Adding Springshot to iOS 7 is not a game changer, but it does bring an interesting touch to the app switcher. The only drawback is that dismissing an app card takes slightly longer when using the slingshot method. Multiple apps can be dismissed at the same time using Springshot, same as with the standard method of swiping from bottom to top.

Springshot has no settings to configure. There is a kill switch under Settings -> Springshot to disable the tweak.

Springshot is available on Cydia free on the BigBoss repository. Check here for instructions on how to jailbreak iOS 7.x with evasi0n 7. You can also find out how to purchase and install Cydia tweaks with this guide.