New Mobile Game 'Bio Inc.' Lets You Slowly Kill People with Lethal Diseases

Some people may find Bio Inc. - Biomedical Simulator a bit controversial, but is there really any difference between blowing up your opponent in a first person shooter, or killing someone slowly by infecting them with horrible diseases? If you're easily offended or "triggered" then this is not the mobile app for you. The goal of the game is to kill innocent people by making them sick and it is a lot of fun!

Bio Inc.

Bio Inc. is a simulation title where your skills at resource management games will help you succeed. The game play is simple, you just tap viruses to earn points to spend on three categories: Diseases, Risk Factors and Recovery. Like in any resource management game, you must spend your Bio Points wisely. Concentrating all your points on one part of the body, like the circulatory system, will only send your victim to the doctor so he can be cured. You want to take your time and shut down all of the person's systems at once , ultimately creating a lethal and incurable illness that doctors won't be able to stop.

Bio Inc.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of biology should know to attack the immune system first. The "Immune Shield" is your enemy, and you will want to knock it down so you can quickly collect more bacteria and viruses. Think of the Immune Shield as your mana battery in any tower defense game and you will succeed at Bio Inc..

You will also want to stop your victim from getting any medical treatment. You can do this two ways, the first being spread out your attack. Like I mentioned above, attacking a single system all at once will force your victim to seek medical help. This is obviously a bad thing since doctors can undo all your hard work.

The second way is by spending Bio Points in the Recovery section. From this section you can inflict "Nosocomephobia," a fear of hospitals or clinics, on your victim, or you can cause a nurse strike to stop the patient from going to a hospital. It is easy to ignore the Recovery items because they cost a lot of Bio Points, but these are the key to winning any level.

Bio Inc.

Each victim is also unique, so make sure you pay attention to their individual conditions at the beginning at each level. Ultimately Bio Inc. is like any other simulation game, all three categories are equally important, and your success will depend on how you use all the available tools to achieve your goal.

Bio Inc. is highly recommended to any fans of strategy / simulation games. It offers a great new twist on the resource management genre, it is highly addictive and there are no in-app purchases or locked items.

Bio Inc. - Biomedical Simulator is available on the App Store for only $1.99. The game features 12 stages and three levels of difficulty, which gives it a high replay value. The game supports any device running iOS 4.3 or later.