Can I send messages with Apple Watch?

Can I send messages with Apple Watch?

Not in the traditional sense. The display is simply too small to afford a keyboard, so you won't be able to type out messages. You will still, however, be able to respond to incoming messages, thanks to "Quick Board." Quick Board will analyze an incoming message and give you several options to respond with. For example, during the Apple Watch introduction, Kevin Lynch received a message from Johnny Ive asking, "Are you going with Love Shack or Wild Thing?" Quick Board analyzed the text and presented several tappable options: Love Shack, Wild Thing and Not sure. In addition to these there was an emoji button and a mic button. The emoji button brings up a customizable emoji that you can change by tapping different areas of its face. The mic button lets you dictate a text message or an audio clip message (which is a new feature in iOS 8).

Apple Watch drawing message

You can also send simple drawings that you create with the touchscreen interface. You can choose various colors for your artwork. The Apple Watch also allows you to send your heart rate to someone, and they will actually feel it through their watch's Taptic Engine.

The Apple Watch unveiling barely scratched the surface of the device's capabilities, so we will be updating these FAQs as new information comes to light.


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