Apple TV Adds TED, Tastemade and Young Hollywood to its Lineup

Apple added three new apps to its Apple TV lineup on Tuesday, including TED, Tastemade and Young Hollywood. This brings the total to 60 apps/channels.

Apple TV adds TED, Tastemade and Young Hollywood to lineup.

With the slogan "Ideas Worth Spreading," TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) offers over 1,900 "TED Talks," which cover a variety of social, cultural, scientific and economic topics. The presentations are often given by well known/respected figures within their fields, with past speakers including Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin among others, not to mention a

plethora of Nobel laureates .

Tastemade is a video network for those who love food and travel. Over 1,000 "Tastemakers" share their experiences of food and culture with over 25 million people a month.

Young Hollywood "finances, creates and distributes original programming that takes a fresh, cutting-edge approach to the worlds of Music, Film, Television, Sports and Lifestyle." The brand was founded by former child actor R.J. Williams in 2007.

The additions come at a time of heightened interest in the Apple TV. On March 9th, Apple and HBO announced HBO Now, a stand-alone subscription service offering the network's full content without a cable or satellite subscription, which will be available on the Apple TV as well as iOS devices. Seconds after that announcement, Apple revealed that it was dropping the price of the third generation Apple TV from $99 to $69.

A week later it surfaced that Apple has a streaming TV service in the works. Though it has yet to be officially announced, pundits believe that it will launch in September with about 25 channels for $30 to $40 per month.

Right on the heels of that, it came to light that Apple plans to refresh the Apple TV with a fourth generation. The upgraded Apple TV 4 will likely have the A8 processor, onboard storage, a dedicated App Store and support for Siri. It will probably launch with the streaming service sometime this fall.