Apple Offers 'Setup Sessions' for Apple Watch Owners

Apple offers online setup sessions for Apple Watch.

Those who were lucky enough to get their Apple Watch pre-orders in quickly enough will receive their devices today or within the next few days. Obviously the first order of business is setting up the Watch, which may be a daunting task for some, as it is a totally new interface and OS. The Watch does come with a quick start guide but, realizing that some may need/want some instruction, Apple has sent emails to all purchasers inviting them to schedule a setup session.

The sessions involve an online demo of the Apple Watch including instructions on setting it up and "tips and tricks" to help you become proficient with the device. Each session also offers one-on-one online chat with an Apple Specialist to answer any questions you may have.

Sessions are given at 15 minute intervals and held morning, afternoon and evening, seven days a week. You can still schedule a face-to-face appointment at an Apple Store if you wish, but online is a bit more convenient.

If you don't feel you need to schedule a session but would like some guidance, Apple offers guided tours that explain how to use a variety of functions on the Apple Watch. Currently the tours include Messaging, Faces, Digital Touch, Phone Calls, Siri, Maps, Music, Apple Pay, Activity and Workout.

There is also a downloadable User Guide for further reference.