Speck announces new colorful Apple Watch case

Speck CandyShell Fit

Speck, who is known for its colorful iPhone cases, has announced CandyShell Fit, a new protective cover for the Apple Watch. The shell's dual-layer design promises to protect your Apple Watch during activities such as CrossFit, rock climbing, and cycling. The case is also easy to take on and off and does not obstruct functionality of the Watch, or take away from its design, according to Speck.

CandyShell Fit is constructed from polycarbonate with a TPU interior and raised bezel to absorb shock and protect against scratches, bumps and falls. The shell has also been tested against "sweat, extreme temperatures, and everyday topical chemicals like sunscreen and lotions." according to the press release.

CandyShell Fit will be available for both the 38mm and 42mm sizes and all three Watch editions. The case has also been designed to work with all the bands for the Apple Watch Sport.

CandyShell Fit will ship in a variety of colors later this month for $29.95. You can preregister and learn more about CandyShell Fit at speckproducts.com, or check out more Apple Watch accessories here.