iOS 8.4 to fix unicode iMessages bug

Unicode of Death

As promised, Apple has included a fix for the "Unicode of Death" bug in the fourth iOS 8.4 beta. The annoying bug crashes a user's iPhone after someone sends them a specific series of unicode characters through messaging apps such as iMessage and WhatsApp. Apple publicly acknowledged the problem in May, and issued a temporary fix through

iPhone users with a jailbroken device can download the IneffectivePower tweak to eliminate the unicode threat. You can find the tweak in repo on Cydia, and read more about it on its offical reddit thread.

Besides the Unicode of Death fix, iOS 8.4 will also include Apple's new music streaming service. iOS 8.4 will be the last major iOS 8 update before iOS 9.0 is released in the fall.

Both iOS 8.4 and Apple Music will be available on June, 30, 2015.