Last chance to jailbreak: iOS 8.4.1 update kills TaiG 2

TaiG 2 jailbreak iOS 8.4

The last chance to jailbreak iOS 8.4 with Apple Music is here. It could be only a matter of hours or days until Apple stops signing the iOS 8.4 firmware, which will mean an end to iOS 8.4 updates. It's official: the replacement iOS 8.4.1 closes several security vulnerabilities, making a jailbreak with TaiG 2 impossible. Act now if you wish to jailbreak, and your device is not updated to iOS 8.4. Here are instructions on how to update to iOS 8.4 and jailbreak:

1. First, click here to verify the iOS 8.4 signing status is still green. If so, you can still update and jailbreak.

2. As of this writing, the iOS 8.4 IPSW file is unavailable from Apple servers. There are mirrors where the right IPSW file can be downloaded. For example, Mega iOS 8.4 mirrors are linked here.

- Click Mega next to the correct firmware for your device.
- When the page appears, wait a few seconds until the yellow SKIP AD button appears at the top of the browser window.
- Click the SKIP AD button and will ask permission to store a file on your computer.
- Confirm and the iOS 8.4 IPSW file will begin downloading.

3. Once the correct iOS 8.4 firmware is stored on your computer, use iTunes to backup your iOS device.

4. When the backup is complete, turn off Find My iPhone on the iOS device under Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone.

5. Hold the Option key (Mac) or Shift key (Windows) and click the Restore iPhone button in iTunes. Select the iOS 8.4 IPSW firmware file you just downloaded. The device will be restored to a clean copy of iOS 8.4. YOU MUST SELECT THE iOS 8.4 IPSW MANUALLY or else iTunes will automatically update your device to iOS 8.4.1 and it cannot be jailbroken!

6. Now follow the TaiG jailbreak instructions found here for Mac or follow the Windows instructions here.

7. After the device is jailbroken, restore from the iTunes backup you created in Step 3 above to replace your data and apps.

There's no telling how long Apple will continue to sign the iOS 8.4 firmware. In the meantime, here is the list of vulnerabilities that iOS 8.4.1 patches, rendering TaiG 2 obsolete:

AppleFileConduit, CVE-2015-5746: evad3rs, TaiG Jailbreak Team
Air Traffic, CVE-2015-5766: TaiG Jailbreak Team
Backup, CVE-2015-5752: TaiG Jailbreak Team
Code Signing, CVE-2015-3802, CVE-2015-3803, CVE-2015-3805, CVE-2015-3806: TaiG Jailbreak Team
IOHIDFamily, CVE-2015-5774: TaiG Jailbreak Team


Have you actually tried downgrading from 8.4.1? This method of force restoring to 8.4 DOES NOT WORK. Once you have gone 8.4.1, neither downloaded 8.4 nor 8.4.1 ipsw work on iTunes 12.2. It shows up as "firmware not compatible"

I have successfully downgraded from 8.4.1 back to 8.4. and i used the jailbreak to install cydia. so i can confirm that as of 1 am atlantic time it's possible to downgrade.

I'm doing ipad 2 firmware to 8.4 this moment, no error; i didn't do DFU update which i would usually. I'm racing to get my iphone 6 updated because it is 8.1 and driving me mental. I did my ipad Air (1) a week ago and the restore from itunes was not successful; it replaced the apps but NONE of the settings; i'm thinking of restoring after DFU upgrade THEN jailbreak.