Apple Music Guide: Learn how to navigate Apple's new music streaming service

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Apple Music was not only met with mixed reviews, but it also has iPhone and iPad owners asking a lot of questions. For starters, there is no "Apple Music" app added to your device when you install iOS 8.4. Instead you can find all the Apple Music services, such as the Beats 1 radio station, in your existing Music app, which is now white. Apple Music does not replace your music library. You can still access all the albums and songs you purchased from iTunes or added to your device in the My Music section in the Music app.

From the My Music screen you can see your recently added albums, artists and songs, and you can access all your playlists by swiping left on your display. If you only want to view songs that are stored on your device and not in the cloud, tap the drop down menu next to "Artists" then tap the "Music Available Offline" slider so it is ON / GREEN. You can queue up and delete songs and share artists by tapping the three dots next to the artist's name.

Offline Music

Apple Music consists of four sections:

Apple Music

For You: A list of personalized playlists and artist recommendations based on the music preferences you select when first opening the app. This process involves one of the worst customization screens where you have to tap bubbles to pick your favorite genres and artists.

New: From here you can see recently added songs and albums, trending content and you can browse by genre and search both Apple Music and your music library.

Radio: This is Apple's 24/7 radio station with human curated music. Listeners can even request songs by calling 1 (877) 720-6293 (US only, click here for a list of international phone numbers) or by tweeting to #Beats1Requests.

Connect is Apple's social network where fans can follow artists.

To get started with Apple Music you must choose either the $9.99 single user plan or $14.99 family plan. You will not be charged for selecting one of these plans. The first 3-months of Apple Music is free and you will only be charged if you do not turn off the automatic renewal option on your device.

Here's how to disable the automatic renewal or cancel your Apple Music account:

1. Open the Music app on your iPad or iPhone.
2. Tap the Profile icon in the upper left hand corner.
3. Tap View Apple ID.
4. Enter your Apple ID password.
5. Scroll down to "Subscriptions" then tap Manage.
6. Tap the Automatic Renewal slider so it is OFF.

You will still have access to the free tier of Apple Music if the Automatic Renewal slider is disabled. This will just ensure you are not charged a monthly fee when using the free tier of the service, and it will stop your credit card from being charged if you would like to discontinue using the paid option. You can see a rundown of the free and paid features here.

Offline Listening

You can tap the three dots next to any track to make it available for offline listening or add it to a playlist. Remember, you have to navigate to Settings > iTunes & App Store and enable the "Use Cellular Data" slider to download songs without a Wi-Fi connection.

Be sure to check our FAQ if you have anymore Apple Music questions.