Activision announces Skylanders BattleCast for mobile devices

Activision today announced a new free-to-play card battle game called Skylanders BattleCast for mobile devices. The new mobile title will not launch until 2016, but fans will be able to get a "sneak peek with the launch of a preview app on September 20," according to the official Activision Games Blog.

Like the Skylanders console games players will be able to purchase physical cards, instead of physical action figures, and use their device's camera to scan them into their game. BattleCast will feature Augmented Reality, single and multiplayer modes.

Activision claims they "assembled a team of experts across physical card game design, pro card players, and the top card artists to help create an authentic card battle experience."

Skylanders BattleCast will be available on iOS, Android and Amazon devices. You can follow @Activision and @SkylandersGame for future updates.

The fifth title in the Skylanders console franchise, SuperChargers, is set to launch on September 20, 2015. The game features both collectible figures and vehicles, and an all-new racing mode. Retailers have already begun accepting pre-orders for SuperChargers Starter Packs, and Wave 1 figures. Activision has also teamed up with Nintendo to introduce amiibo-Skylanders hybrids for the Wii and Wii U versions of the game.

You can see a complete list of Wave 1 Skylanders SuperChargers here.

The iPad Starter Pack is available for $75. It includes: a wireless portal and 1 controller, 2 Skylanders SuperChargers characters, 1 Skylanders SuperChargers vehicle, and 1 collectible poster.