How to play as Marvel's Thanos in Fortnite

Thanos Fortnite

The hottest movie of the year is teaming up with one of the hottest games of the year as Marvel's Thanos joins Fortnite for a limited time starting May 8th. To play as the Mad Titan you will first need to enable the new solo mode "Infinity Gauntlet." The game will begin like any other Battle Royale but with one twist -- the Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War will also be dropped randomly on the map. The first person to grab the gauntlet will be able to play as Thanos with all the power of the Infinity Gems.

If you are not lucky enough to be the first player to grab the Infinity Gauntlet then you will need to kill Thanos to win the game. This is easier said then done, because just like in Infinity War, Thanos is almost unstoppable in Fortnite. The Mad Titan comes with 4 different powers including a structure destroying punch, a laser beam and a super jump. Thanos is so powerful that he's already been nerfed once since his launch, according to Reddit (Via Polygon).

To help players take down Thanos only Epic, Rare and Legendary loot will be spawned in the Infinity Gauntlet mode. Beyond the exclusion of common loot, players will need to rely on their skill and each other to take down Thanos and grab the Infinity Gauntlet for themselves.

Both Avengers: Infinity War and Fortnite have been dominating the top charts in movies and video games. Infinity War has already broke box office records becoming the fastest movie to make $1 billion, and Fortnite has not slipped out of the top 5 on the Apple App Store charts since its release to mobile in March.