Fortnite Season 4 not coming to iOS

Fortnite Tart Tycoon outfit

Fortnite fans currently playing on iOS devices will be stuck at Chapter 2 - Season 3 when the Season 4 update drops on August 27th. With Fortnite pulled from the App Store and Google Play, Epic Games held a final battle for all players who already have the game installed on their Apple devices. The FreeFortnite Cup took place on Sunday, August 23 across all platforms. It may be the last time iOS players can try for Victory Royale before the real-world legal battles are fought.

Epic delivered several prizes to players including "Free Fortnite" hats, 1,200 pieces of gaming hardware, and an in-game outfit called Tart Tycoon. Now that the tournament has ended, players on iOS will have to migrate to another platform or wait for the return of Fortnite for an update.

How to stay connected to Fortnite

If you're only playing Fortnite on mobile, Epic recommends logging into to verify your account details are correct. All purchases and game data are stored in your account, and can be accessed from any device that supports Fortnite.

Windows computers, Macs, and gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch can all play Fortnite. Just log on with your Epic account to resume playing. Android users can sideload the app or get it from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

When can I play Fortnite on iPhone?

It's unclear if or when Fortnite will return to the Apple App Store. Epic Games asked Apple to allow developers to avoid paying the normal 30 percent cut of in-app purchases. After their request was denied, the company unilaterally bypassed Apple checkout policies. Apple responded by pulling Fortnite from the store and threatening to terminate Epic's developer account.

Now with the cancellation of the developer account scheduled for August 28, the development of the Unreal Engine is threatened. The Unreal Engine is used in many third-party games and apps across platforms.