Save money on Apple gifts at Best Buy

Best Buy 2015

Whether you plan to buy an Apple gift for yourself or someone else, Best Buy is running some serious holiday deals on new hardware. Anyone shopping for an Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad can enjoy free two-day shipping online. In-store pickup is also available for many items and locations. Here are some of the savings offered as part of the promotion:

Apple Watch - $100 off

iPhone 6s 16GB - $1 with 2-year contract (save $199)
iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus - Buy one, get one free (AT&T Next)
iPhone 6 Plus - $100 with 2-year contract (save $100)

iPad Air 2 - $125 off
iPad Air - $100 off
iPad mini models - Up to $175 off

This means a brand new Apple Watch Sport 38mm can be purchased for only $249, and the 42mm version for just $299. Another highlight of the Big Brands Sale features the iPhone 6s for a buck. Of course, to qualify for $1 pricing the device must be activated and committed to a 2-year contract.

Those who are in the market for iPads can benefit as well. The 16GB iPad Air 2 with Wi-Fi can be picked up at Best Buy for a mere $375. See the Best Buy home page for details on the latest holiday promotions.