Facebook rolls out enhanced Like button

Facebook Reactions

Facebook is rolling out brand new enhancements to the famous Like button. Instead of one option, the button has been expanded into six different Facebook Reactions. Each reaction button is accompanied by an emoticon which depicts the related emotion. Of course, the standard Like continues to be represented by a blue thumbs-up icon.

Facebook describes Reactions as an extension to the Like button. Developers have been actively researching and working on Reactions for over a year. After testing the new button in a few markets, the feature is currently rolling out for all Facebook users. The company plans to refine Reactions over time, as they receive more feedback.

The complete list of Reactions was based on focus groups and from studying how Facebook users typically comment, use emoticons, and use stickers to react to posts.

- Like
- Love
- Haha
- Wow
- Sad
- Angry

On the iOS app, Reactions can be selected by holding down the Like button, then swiping to choose an emoticon. Similarly, on the Facebook web page hovering over the Like button will reveal the new options for desktop users.

Find more details and video examples of Reactions on the Facebook Newsroom.